Recap: DesignMeets Social Consciousness

In tribute to McLuhan and his upcoming centenary, Toronto designers from the fields of academia, landscape architecture, graphic design, communication design, interior design, and industrial design came out to share in the dialogue of Social Consciousness in Design. Here is a quick montage of Marshall McLuhan speaking about the global village.

Boom, boom, boom went the tribal drums of social consciousness at the Spoke Club this week as Cassie McDaniel, Hamid Samad, Andrew Ballenthin, and Dominique Scheffel-Dunand shared their perspectives on the idea of social consciousness in today’s Global Village.

Hosted by the team at Pivot Design Group, and sponsored by TAL Group and George Brown College’s Gaming Inc., the event was a great success (despite the NHL finals conflict)! Check out photos on Flickr and the video recap here:

View the speaker videos below…

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Cassie McDaniel on social consciousness vs social conscientiousness.


Hamid Samad on building environments around social stories.


Andrew Ballenthin on narcissism in today’s social sphere.


Dominique Scheffel-Dunand on McLuhan100 and social consciousness in academia.