Recap: DesignMeets… McLuhan+You

Though the evening was many things, three specific words can sum up last night’s DesignMeets with McLuhan100: memorable, inspirational, and… perspirational! A record 51°C with humidex was said to have reached the University of Toronto campus earlier that afternoon, but the dedicated McLuhan enthusiasts would not be beat. Attendees filtered in to the historic McLuhan Coach House around 5:30 filled with excitement and true respect for the celebration of the man who is often regarded as the father of understanding media.


Each guest received a McLuhan probe upon registration for the opportunity to read it out loud and share their thoughts with others. Attendees ranged from the fields of academia, graphic design, and film, but perhaps the most fascinating guests were those who were students of Marshall McLuhan himself. In true Monday night seminar fashion, the dialogue that came out of the event was both varied and stimulating.

Feel free to download a pdf list of the probes that were used at the event.

Many thanks go to our co-hosts at McLuhan100. It was such an honour to be a part of this inspirational crowd and you can be assured that the Monday night seminar and probe format will have a positive influence on our future DesignMeets events. Check out more photos of this event on flickr.


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