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AI and New Directions in Design

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October 13, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

We live in a world driven by complexity, data volume and information. Design is increasingly data-driven and it is the cornerstone of our understanding of user experience, product development and service design. Designers increasingly rely on data visualization in their problem-solving and critical thinking as they grasp complexity in the process of uncovering insights and meaning for users.

AI lies at the centre of this transformation. Machines are increasingly intertwined with our lives as we count on them to process repetitive tasks and make decisions. The power of AI is growing. Today, it powers 25% of customer service operations and McKinsey estimates it will produce new global economic activity in the order of US$13 trillion by 2030.

The growing AI impact on design is profound. Designers are adapting core conventional skills (problem-solving, critical thinking) to develop technology-centric practices more relevant and meaningful to users. In this process, the design will need to transition bridge the gap between it and science and evolve into a more multidisciplinary, agile practice if it is to remain a creative solutions provider.

The present technology is described as “Narrow AI,” such as a chatbot, which is only as good as the information it is given. It raises the question of inherent bias within AI and the places of ethics in its design. This places an important responsibility on the role of designers to design machine learning from multiple perspectives (economic, ecological, sociological) with cognitive systems that are empathic and free of bias. As AI becomes more embedded in daily life, designers must accept responsibility for the ethical dimension – designing ethically and navigating the challenges of co-design and diversity to ensure these issues are properly addressed.

Join us virtually for “AI and New Directions in Design” in collaboration with Pivot Design Group on October 13th, 2021, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

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Chloe Benaroya
Innovation and Human-Centered Design Coach

Innovation and Human-Centered Design Coach, Chloe Benaroya has led digital platform development, educational games et apps over the past 20 years. Previously VP, UX Research and Design for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, an educational publisher, she currently works at Manulife Innovation and UX Lab in Montreal.

Fanny Sie
Head of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health, Hoffmann-La Roche

Fanny's experiences extend alongside the public and private multi-stakeholder continuum bringing new products and services to the healthcare market to enable impact for the population locally and globally. She has extensive experience as a clinician, researcher and business development professional in the area of medical devices, AI and analytics, and digital health assets.

She specializes in building meaningful and impactful health system transformations that leverage innovation and achieve fast and sustained growth for entrepreneurs and multinationals in the public and private sector. Fanny is currently the Head of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health for Hoffmann-La Roche.

Miki Arai
Senior Manager | Information Design, Omnia AI, Deloitte Canada’s AI Practice

Miki leads a design practice which focuses on strategic information design, data visualization and UX/UI design at Omnia AI, Deloitte Canada’s Artificial Intelligence practice. She brings a user-centred design lens to solve complex challenges at the intersection of business, data and technology. Having lived, studied, and worked on three continents, Miki also brings a global perspective to the design process and delivers thoughtful solutions with a business lens.

With extensive experience in design agencies, Miki has successfully led impactful design projects ranging from digital application interface and website design, reporting to brand communication collateral design for clients from a variety of industries. Her extensive experience has been recognized by numerous national and international design awards.

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