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The Future of Collaboration

February 23, 2023
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Living in the Age of the Pandemic has given designers a lot to think about. With the arrival of COVID-19, we witnessed the end of the design studio and the emergence of “WFH,” working from home. A transformational change in our work environment, our creative process and the way we design products and services.

WFH and “going remote” meant setting up your own new creative workspace at home and figuring out how to think creatively on your own without the luxury of sharing ideas and getting feedback from colleagues in the studio. Maybe, perhaps for the first time, design felt different – raising questions about the nature of creativity and whether collaboration with others is a fundamental part of the process. Is creativity a solitary pursuit or does it need the catalyst of collaborative effort?

Recent experience tells us that designers learned to be both creative and productive remotely by figuring out solutions for sharing ideas virtually through different emerging technology platforms. Over time, new communication software, greater computer literacy skills and expertise increased to make knowledge transfer increasingly more efficient. But did it drive creativity as much as it had before and was the process of collaboration as productive?

With the end of lockdown and WFH no longer the only solution, we’ve reached the hybrid point that presents different options for working from home and returning to the studio. Given the choices, what’s the best course for optimizing creativity and the value of collaboration for our industry? What lies ahead for the future of design studios and our industry? What are the implications for the training and recruitment of the next generation of designers? And are we ready to adapt to their preference?

Our design industry is a work in progress as we watch these developments play out. Join us for what’s going to be a lively session from the panel sharing different points of view.

Raphael Joseph
UX Designer at DFFRNT

At just 20 out of college, Raphael landed his dream job at a reputed ad agency, but soon felt an emptiness and meaninglessness in his work. He decided to come to Canada as a student and pursue a degree in Human-Centred Design from Algonquin College.

Soon after completing his degree, Raphael joined DFFRNT (a strategy and design consultancy based in Ottawa) as a UX Designer. In the heat of the pandemic and out of it, Raphael has led and contributed to the success of a vast number of projects working remotely from home. He believes that a healthy collaborative environment in the team is essential for the success of a client.

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